What We Do



Frenemy Studios is focused on the creation of next level stories for animation and comics. Whether it's feature films, animated television series, short form content or comics, our creators have a breadth of experience in each industry to tailor pitches and develop stellar IP. 


Script Doctoring

We take limp scripts and, like a "fully licensed" Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, deploy all kinds of judicious "edits" until everything is as firm and tight as this horrifying metaphor. In a nutshell, we fix scripts of all shapes and sizes.


IP Development & Creative Consulting

Got an idea that needs an extra pair of finely tuned eyeballs? We help turn the smallest kernel of an idea from a lumpy piece of coal into a shiny diamond. Services offered: scriptwriting, story development, storyboards/animatics, character designs, ghost writing, children's picture book development & art, and YA book editing.


Sourcing international talent

Our wide network of international talent includes artists and writers in various disciplines all across the globe. Got a project that needs someone with a particular set of skills? We'd be happy to put you in touch. (We're nice like that.)